Change The Way You See Week Guest Posts

3 thoughts on “Change The Way You See Week Guest Posts”

  1. i came to school one day, expecting to have a horrible long week. but when i came up the stairs at to my locker. someone left a post-it-note.
    i said; ” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.”
    thank you to whoever put that there, it made my year.
    and thank you cailtin, for this whole thing (:

  2. I am a senior in high school and I have a friend who does youth ministry with the middle schoolers in my hometown after coming across this website and just seeing them go through the lessions has changed me. 🙂 now me and my friend post notes all over school in the bathrooms and on random car mirrors in our student parking lots. I believe that they can save someones live. you never truly know what someone is going through. God works in wonderful ways. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE! 🙂 God bless all you beautiful girls!
    -Dezaray <3

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