Beauty, Refined: How to Change Your Perception

6 thoughts on “Beauty, Refined: How to Change Your Perception”

  1. I hate how bigger woman have to hate on thinner woman to make themselves feel better. What’s wrong with being skinny? I’m not anorexic, I’m naturally thin and very healthy. It’s just the way my body is. It’s not “unrealistic” to be skinny and beautiful. I feel like this website is more degrading women then uplifting them. What hypocrites you all are. I’m skinny, tall, and incredibly proud of the way I look.

    1. We’re not “hating” on thin, beautiful women. We are closer to expressing concern about the unattainable, airbrushed, anorexic, digitally manipulated images of women we are constantly bombarded with, and trying to help. You may be naturally skinny and beautiful. Good for you. I’m glad that you’re proud of your body. Hopefully, however, you are not starving yourself in order to reach the fake ideal. Some feel the need to.
      We are not hating on thin, beautiful natural woman. We are trying to honor the natural woman, whether she is naturally stick-thin or plump, whether she is naturally smooth-skinned or as riddled with bumps as a dirt road, whether she is naturally conforming to modern standards of beauty or is a female August Pullman (the protagonist of the amazing book Wonder).
      Just because you fit the media ideal does not mean you are less. We honor you as much as we honor the stereotypical fat, ugly woman. So you are a stereotypical beautiful woman. So? Those notes apply to you, too.

    2. Beauty standards are, and have always been, relative. You are just lucky to have been born in these times and in this fashion. Skinny women would have been considered rather unattractive and unhealthy looking had they been born in the age of, let’s say, Rubens…Had you been born then, I bet you would have tried to put on a kilo or two 😉,_by_Peter_Paul_Rubens,_from_Prado_in_Google_Earth.jpg
      So I say true beauty can take many different shapes and have many different ages.
      (and no, I am not a “bigger”, “hypocritical” woman)

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