Change The Way You See – Not The Way You Look!

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  1. Hey, I’m 12 years old & I’ve been crying in my room alot because I feel ugly and unwanted…I listen to music alot too. But I found this website & I’m so happy I did. I realize I’m not alone. (:

    1. You shouldn’t feel ugly or unwanted. Everyone at that age has a lot of struggles with their looks. Your body and your face is probably changing. You should embrace your beauty and know that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Next time look in the mirror and point out all the things you like about yourself! Don’t be depressed you are too young to be unhappy! You have a wonderful life that is waiting for you to live! Learn to love yourself for who you are. Stick up for yourself and also stick up for your friends. Keep your head up and try to smile when you want to cry! I hope this helps you too!

    2. I’m 11 and I also feel the same way, but I will tell you this, It’s gets better. When I say that I mean it truly does 🙂 Stay Strong xx

    3. Wow, you sound exactly like me. Remember, you are not alone, pretty much everyone who comments feels the exact same way. I’m crying for you.

    4. Niamh, always look to something or someone that makes you happy and confident. You are BEAUTIFUL and always remember you were made the way you are for a reason and you should always know how amazing you are! You are going to grow up to be a strong, independent and confident women!

  2. Hello to all the lovelies over at Operation Beautiful!!

    I have both your books and have started a sticky note campaign at the middle school where I work. I love seeing all the positive and uplifting notes submitted to your website each day, and how much good can come from such a simple gesture. I’m looking for a daily calendar, to keep in my classroom to inspire students, and was thinking it would be a wonderful idea to have an Operation Beautiful calendar, with each day displaying a sticky note. Do you currently have one available that I can purchase? If not, any recommendations on a similar type of daily calendar?

    Loving all that you do and appreciative of the movement you have inspired,
    Ms. Mandi <3

    Dilworth STEM Academy
    Sparks, NV

  3. Over the past few months I had been struggling with my weight. My parents and friends had told me that I was perfect just the way I was, but of course I didn’t listen. I had started to starve myself, because I thought that it would help me lose weight. A few weeks ago I was looking for some books in the library when I came across this book called “Operation Beautiful” I decided to read the book and give a try. Now I’m convinced that I’m not fat, but perfect just the way I am. I’ve stopped starving myself and I’m back to eating normally. Your book and all the wonderful notes inside of it has inspired me to start posting notes too. Now I post notes where ever I go and I hope and pray that whoever finds them is as equally blessed, just as I was. Keep up the good work it really pays off. 🙂

  4. Look, I and a guy ad i know i sound strange but I am needing this site I am 13 years old and emotional highly emotional right now and i think i am going to join you and all of you are really helping by posting on this site I want to thank you all for showing me how i should live my life and I want tho give a special thanks to the creator of this site i love you all

  5. It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey Im Rayn pronounced Rain im 13 years old ….and I cut…After I found this website and read almost every thing you have posted I tried to stop. I dont want to tell an adult because im to scared they will yell. I just want to be loved, but I have no one that loves me. I hate feeling like im worthless and not even wanted. I hate when people tell me i need to change the way i am just because they dont like it. I just want to feel what other love teens feel. I want to find someone that wont judge me just because I cut. I want to be someone with real friends that doesnt have to worry about what other people think. I want to feel like im a somebody. I dont want to be stuck in this shell anymore. I want to get out…I dont want to cry anymore…I-I- just want to be loved……

    1. You are loved sweet girl! I am recovering from self injury, & I say recovering because it is a fight everyday. Once you stop it will get easier everyday. I promise. You are beautiful. You are wanted. Trust me. And you are somebody, believe it or not. You are you! And you are the exact you that God made you to be:-) you are loved. I’m praying for you sweet girl!

    2. Rayn,

      First of all your name is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I had low self-esteem when I was 13 and still kind of do and I’m 28 years old! You are beautiful and you are a lot stronger and you DON’T need to change who you are or what you look like. There is a reason why you look the way you are because you are BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve learned to ignore what people say and do what makes you happy!! What made me happy was putting myself out there and I ended up meeting an amazing guy who tells me I’m beautiful EVERY day. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and he’s never missed a day. I hope this helps and I hope you wake up everyday and look in the mirror and see a beautiful, strong, independent and loving person as you should!


  7. After reading this book, I realized that it doesn’t matter how much I weigh, not being skinny, having the perfect shape and face. Ever since I was 5, I was bullied and picked on because I wasn’t perfect or skinny for everyone. Today, I’ll be turning 16 next month. 11 years have gone with bullying, suicide, trying to my hurt myself, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, everything. This book helped me so much with how I feel about myself. I am beautiful and so is everyone else in this world. Your shape, size, short or tall, anything, you’re beautiful and one day, your prince charming will come and tell you how beautiful you are in every way. Never forget that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT ! (:

  8. You don’t need to feel beautiuful to be happy. you don’t even have to feel attractice. You don’t have to wear makeup to be happy. You don’t have to dress up to be happy. You don’t have to have a boyfriend either.
    The happiest time of my life was when I was 30 yrs old and decided I wanted just to be happy and nothing else mattered. It took about 3 or 4 months to be happy with myself, even when I was alone. I met my husband
    nearly 20 months after I truly became happy. We’re together ever since.
    And he doesn’t care if I wear makeup or dress up or color my gray hair.
    Real people fall in love with real people. No one EVER said I was beautiful
    until I turned 40 a year ago. That is the truth.

  9. Hi, I am twelve years old, and ever since I’ve found this website, my self-esteem has gone WAY up. The only thing that could cheer me up was music and my friends. But then I found this website and I feel a lot better about myself. Thank you, you have changed my life.

  10. People keep spreading rumors about me at school. I thought that my life was at rock bottom. Then I found this website and my self-esteem boosted way up. People are still spreading rumors about me, but I try my best to ignore them. I am so happy I found this website, because it has stopped my negative thoughts about myself and stopped my suicidal thoughts as well. Thank you so much. 🙂

  11. I used to be really into Operation Beautiful and I haven’t been on the website in about a year, I’m glad to see you’re still going strong!

  12. Hello! I loved your website! I was 12 years old when i stopped eating normally. I thought k was uggly and a bad person. I gelt my sisters were prettier than me and that my mother loved them more than me. I thought the problem was on my weight. I stopped eating at the table and later i got anemia. I struggled with this problem for many years. My family was fighting with me because i was jot eating and i thought they were all crazy. Later I got help but when I was 26 years old. Only then i started to eat normally and today i can say that I stoped hating myself and start to accept myself more.


    Do you ever wonder
    if the way you look was a mistake?
    Do you think it’s more of a problem for you? Why?
    Is it because you think that
    most individuals look better than you
    or they are in a more perfect way than you?

    What is the perfect look to you? Who said so?
    Who set the rules that one person
    looks better than the other?
    Anyone can be pretty, beautiful,
    no matter who they are or how they look,

    Beautiful is having beauty,
    it didn’t say what kind of beauty,
    You make your own beauty;

    Pretty is said to be pleasingly attractive,
    an act of pleasure,
    Anyone can be pleasurable and create enjoyment,
    that defines’ beauty and pretty,
    And it’s within;

    Sure you can look good
    and attractive on the outside,
    but to be beautiful all over,
    You must also be beautiful on the inside,
    It’s always said,
    that beauty is only skin deep;

    No matter what the world may throw at you,
    your mishaps and disabilities,
    You are unique and your uniqueness
    is what makes you
    stand out from everyone else;
    We can’t all look alike, because if we did,
    how would you be able to
    distinguish me from you?

    We were all made different
    for many, many reasons,
    but it’s what we do with our differences,
    That makes us even more beautiful;

    Just as there are different seasons,
    there is day and then there’s night,
    There are many different animals of the world,
    and so many different
    beautiful flowers and trees
    of all kind,
    Everything and everyone
    from the beginning
    was to be different,
    That was the plan;

    So, when you happen to see someone staring at you,
    because you may look a little different to them,
    It’s OK;
    your difference is out in the open,
    they could be hiding theirs;

    Keep your head up, be strong and proud
    and keep saying to yourself;
    “I’m different, I’m unique and I’m beautiful”
    and if you want to deal with me,
    then you must take me as I am,
    I too came into this world,
    loved as a child of God
    just like you;

    So, don’t whine and whimper
    about the way you look,
    accept the way it is
    and have confidence in yourself,
    just the way you are,
    Believe and know
    that the way you were formed
    and the way you look
    was never a mistake,
    You were made to be you,
    not him, not me, not them, not others,
    just You.

    Written by Karen Rice
    2x cancer survivor

  14. I’m a college junior and I have been struggling with feeling good enough. I have had a hard time lately and I relapsed with self harm. I feel like I’m broken 🙁 .

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