Beauty…and the Billboard

6 thoughts on “Beauty…and the Billboard”

  1. On the surface, the attached article could appear to be anti-marriage, but keep reading, it is actually the opposite. It is very much about finding, accepting and loving exactly who you are, and from that place, sharing yourself with your partner. Do not try to become what you think someone wants you to be…the man or woman you are with fell for YOU, not some processed version of you. Be you! Your interests, joys, fears, goals, accomplishments and dreams are part of who you are…and YOU are worth it!

  2. What a lie…I don’t know about the rest of you, but If I didn’t put on makeup or dress a certain way no guy would be interested in me. No guys really are even now, men are physical creatures and don’t care about our personalities or anything. We could be the most wonderful person on the inside, but if we are unattractive or a below average on the outside we are bond to be alone forever. This website is nice and all trying to make girls feel beter about ourselves but be realistic, nobody cares about “whats inside.”

    1. i hate you tell you this, but you’re only dating assholes. 🙁 Real men DO care about what’s on the inside. Just like real women care what’s on the inside too.

    2. This is why we have Operation Beautiful. People do care, and if they don’t, we’re helping them care anyway. Caitlin is right. If you believe that nobody cares about who you are, than you have been surrounding yourself with all the wrong people, and none of them are very nice. No offense.

      And if you want to see an (albeit fictional) beautiful-on-the-inside woman, look up (on the Internet) Medli or Tetra from The Wind Waker. Just trust me on that.

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