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  1. At my school, my friends and I started a secret group that puts up notes to make girls feel good about them self. I hope it expands

  2. hey I go to Thousand Oaks High School in California. I heard about Operation Beautiful today at school when a group of juniors walked around the school with a portable boom box on a rolling crate playing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction while they taped and passed out giant sign to girls around the school that said “You are BEAUTIFUL” with your website at the bottom. I was so amazed and proud of how people try to go out and make a difference and it made me want to get more involved. You are truly making a difference and i hope that i can carry on what you do throughout America.

  3. I have 22 sticky-notes, that other people gave to me!!!!! I also sent out sticky-notes to people. There was one day that all of the 7th graders went to lunch and every single seat had a sticky-note on it. All I remember seeing was smiles and smiles. I love operation beautiful!!!! πŸ™‚ and i’m off…. to give out sticky-notes!

  4. A group of us have made a project out of spreading Operation Beautiful at our high school, and I personally have gone through 4-5 post-it pads! (not including the other girls) Not only do we stick them on the mirrors, but also in the stalls and slip them into the lockers. It is so comforting to see a locker open up and a positive note is right there to greet the opener. We hear people talking about them as we walk down the halls, and it really seems to be doing well. When I did my Christmas shopping last week, I stopped by a Starbucks and when I got my latte I asked them if they would slap pre-made notes on the cups as they went out, and they agreed! So that was cool. For those who are horribly inspiration-dead like me, try doing a random quotes search on Pintrest. One of my favorites so far said, ‘Warning: reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.’ LOVE it^^

  5. I was checking my forum today, and someone has posted a discussion from Operation Beautiful. There was a picture of a post-it on a wall, that said “Throughout the day, don’t let anybody miss out on your BEAUTIFUL smile.” This made me so happy, and I am now determined to pass this along the world to all the countries that I visit. In language of the country. Thank you HeadStrong, whoever you may be. <3
    Be expecting some pictures from me soon. : )

  6. I found my first note at my recreation center. It said, “Objects in mirror are more beautiful then they appear.” I loved it!!(: It made my day!!(: I even wrote myself some and put them on my own mirror. I have been putting them in the girls locker rooms at my middle school. Thank you for boosting my selfasteem(: <3

  7. So in total, I have 51 sticky-notes. I found one in my locker that said,” You are beautiful and I like that. So will you go out with me? P.S. I am a boy, that was in 6th grade band class with you.” I was like WOW!!!! because I knew how that boy was, my best friend who was in the percussion group .You can use sticky-notes not only for postitive notes but for other things that you might have been waiting all of your life to say, to a certain person.Peace out! Esme89Softball

  8. My Nana sent My sister, friend and me an operationbeautiful book so I decided to do this in my school to show that beauty isn’t everything and that god made every one unique πŸ™‚

  9. Honestly, I have been insecure for as long as I can think. No one has ever called me beautiful. I started scratching myself for a stress reliever. I could really need something like this.

  10. this thing that is going on truly lives up to its name =P it is a beautiful thing to be doing and i will tell as many people as i can =)

  11. It was just last night that I became aware of this movement. I went to use the restroom before my workout, and noticed post-it notes on every mirror in the bathroom. As I read them, I couldn’t help but smile. I truly felt touched by this movement and the effort put into it. The notes were even in the stalls! I came home excited to check out the website and learn more. I think this is fantastic. I intend to keep the movement going.

  12. I think this site is sooo cool!!! I have been Bullied& that sort of brings down my self esteem, but i know other people in my school, town, and well, EVERYWHERE have been bullied. I thenk i will start this in my neighborhood.

  13. i think this site is sooo cool!!! I have been bullied and that lowers my self esteem and makes me feel sad and irritated. I know people everywhere are being bullied, so I will start this in my community. My friend just showed me this site and it spoke to me. I think others will really apreciate this. My friends and i have stared an anti bullying group in our school, and thing i will bring up this site in our next meeting!!!
    -Faithanna πŸ™‚ – The bullied

  14. I think this is a great idea and everyone should start doing it. You never know when something small or simple you do changes someone’s life.

  15. I’m so going to do this. This is an amazing site and a fantastic idea!!! I dont know if I will ever be able to go out in public with out having a little makeup on…(insecurity, yeah i know but its HARD to go out in public with people constantly judging you), but I think I’ll dial the amount of makeup down over time so someday soon i wont be wearing any…and my self esteem will be up to…BUT im definitly goning to be putting post it notes on the mirrors at my school. I’d love to see people smile when they read them ^-^. It would totally make my day πŸ˜€

  16. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! I have moved to a different school every year for the past 4 years and this site has really helped! I do this at my school and all the girls love it, sometimes I just sit in the toilet stalls to hear how people react. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy like I’m really making a difference. so everyone out there, try it you could make someones day!

  17. This is such a good idea to help girls like myself to learn how to appreciate their own body and accept themselves, no matter how hard it is. I’m definitely going to do this at my school. I hope it helps people appreciate themselves and others. Thank you so much for creating this website. <3

  18. What a wonderful idea! I saw my first “post-it” note on the mirror in the restroom at the studio where I take Yoga classes. That made me curious and brought me to your website.

    Negative self-talk can be just as destructive as negative bullying behavior by others. Most of us would never dream of talking to others the way that we “self-talk” to ourselves sometimes. Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

  19. My school is doing OB and all the girls love it! the bathrooms where covered with sticky notes, I was amazed by all of them, of course a few where mine

  20. this weekend me and a few of my friends are going to write down a whole buch of op stuff on some post-its and take thme to wall-mart ,the gas stations, and best resterants to put them up every where! I just hopes it makes some one smile πŸ™‚

  21. My sorority is having an operation beautiful event on this coming Wednesday, giving out different buttons and origami frogs with inspirational and self esteem building quotes. If we had a donation jar would we be able to send the money to you (operation beautiful directly) or do you not accept money? (not as a profit, but for further opportunities to build your service).

  22. Me and my friend are going to start this at our school people get bullied alot and it makes me feel really sad. i think that this operation is amazing and that it will really change the world. we are not going to tell anybody that we are doing it so we can make sure that they dont know who is posting the notes. i really like this website. it is amazing.

  23. I was bullied in Reading. A boy threw and eraser at me…the sad thing is my teacher didn’t care. It dipped my bucket.. πŸ™

  24. this is the best website I have seen to boost women and girls confidence. I posted a note because I found a note at school. thank you

  25. I can’t wait to start this, hopefully it helps make people feel better about themselves! My town is small, and not the best, but hopefully I can help make it a bit easier for everyone c:

  26. Hi this is me, i didnt know anything about this until my sister got me into this i love it cause i can put a smile on people faces it cheers me up so much

  27. Hey it is a wonderful activity that you are in to. I am just greatly inspired by your thoughts, words and actions.

    I would follow suit wherever I am and try and past Positive messages. I wish to join your mission.

    Have a great life full with Achievements.
    Be Grace with you always

  28. My friend and I are going to be doing this on the day before exams start at our school. It’s going to be completely covered in sticky notes. My only worry is – does this defeat the feeling of sincerity? If they’re everywhere is the meaning any less? Should we be doing it randomly throughout the year?

  29. This is a wonderful idea!
    I will start with the little girl down the street from me, she is constantly yelling at people who walk by her house telling them that they are ugly, stupid, fat, etc. and she is only 6yrs old. I believe she gets bullied and she is taking it out on others. I think leaving anonymous notes everyday will help change her view of other people!

  30. I am only 10 years old but when I got the book (one note at a time) i changed my personality from, I look like a chicken in this! to, I look great! you have changed my life and i am thankful for that. when I get in to middle school in august i will put a gazillion post it notes everywhere! πŸ™‚

  31. I used to cut. One day, I was having a really bad day. I walked into the bathroom at school, bawling my eyes about.. About to cut. And saw a little post it note like this. I didn’t cut that day. And now, I have been clean for almost 4 months. I am living proof that this does help. I think it’s great ! Keep doing this!

  32. Hi! I just found out about OB by just searching the web, and I think that it is such a great idea and a beautiful thing! I’m starting high school this fall, and I now plan on leaving anonymous OB notes every opportunity I get! Love it!

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