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  1. I love the idea of the post-its being left on car windows and some other public spaces in moderation; however, I am a librarian at a public library and we were recently “post-it bombed” for lack of a better term. Tons of post-its were hidden inside books and on the shelves. While I love the positive messages conveyed on the post-its and I do believe they have the power to brighten the day of the person who may find them, please remember that someone may have to clean them up (i.e. spend valuable taxpayer dollars taking the time to look through thousands of books for randomly-placed post-its). I am all for free speech and promoting a positive body image for girls and women, but please choose your post-it locations wisely.

  2. I found a note today, and I kinda needed it. Whoever it was made me smile. 🙂 This website is awesome, and I plan on joining the Operation! The mission is BEAUTIFUL.

  3. I found one of these notes in the restroom one time and it made me smile. I’m going to start carrying around post-its. Spread the love!

  4. I found this site through the new moon girls magazine and have been doing this ever since. I posted them all over Whole Foods and when I went into the bath room to check, tons of girls were smiling and pointing at the notes. It’s a great feeling to know you’re inspiring people. I love this idea!!! 🙂

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  6. Last Thursday I walked into the bathroom crying because some girls were calling me names like whore, slut, idiot worthless ect. When I walked in I found maybe 20 post-it notes and I read every one of them and got my friends to read them too(we are outcasts here). My friends and I took the one that meant the most to us. I plan to join the operation, I was so touched and really needed some thing like that. Anyways thank you so much, I appreciate what you have done for us.

  7. We found a post it on our bathroom mirror at work…made us laugh and I had to check it out. Love it. What a great idea. look forward to participating.

  8. Wow, finding this website made my day! This is such a good idea and im certainly gonna participate! This is amazing! Mission accepted!!
    This is why life if is worth living for!!!!!! if you respect yourself others will respect you!!
    All my love, Kyra <3

  9. Currently I am making notes to put all around my middle school. I will put them in bathrooms, lockers, and even on seats in classrooms. I will die of excitement if I see someone smiling.

  10. I work at the tween clothing store Justice. Today in a change room I found an amazing note written by a little girl. Completely made my day and my co-workers. This is such an awesome thing!

  11. I am so thankful for this website! I was feeling down about myself and this really helps! my friend told me about this site and im so glad that she did!
    Stay BEAUTIFUL Everyone <3

  12. This is the most amazing idea I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to be apart of this and start doing this for people. I wish when I was 13 someone would have left a note and I would have found it because I needed the extra confidence. I hope that who ever gets my post-it really understands how beautiful they are inside and out!

  13. This is such an inspiring website every girl shouldn’t be worried about their self-esteem because every girl is beautiful in their own way! Keep your head up and keep smiling girls!!

  14. Found one in Kohls near Carlisle Pa. Then looked up the website, and read what your mission is with “Operation Beautiful” it’s truley remarkable. Keep up the good owork everyone!

  15. Someone put the post-its in the bathroom and they brought me to this sight.It touched so many of my friend, we loved it so much we went through the entire school bathroom reading them all and showing them to everyone.It was so cool!

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